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by Nasrul Hanis

in Movies/TV Shows


I love watching movies, series and anime and sometimes playing games and most of them downloaded from Internet.

The best way for me to get these files is by downloading torrents from various torrent sites. There are various torrent sites on the Internet such as ISOHunt, MiniNova, BT Junkie, The Pirate Bay and etc.

One good news is that there are some sites that include various torrent sites and my favorite site is TorrentPond with its tagline – Search all Torrent Engines from one site. You can find a lot of torrents from various torrent sites through TorrentPond. Fast and easy.

Downloading Heroes TV series and Fairy Tail anime series sometimes become routine and it’s amazing.

You have to use Torrent software such as UTorrent and Free Download Manager to download the torrents.

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