Armadyne: Taking Mankind into The Future

by Nasrul Hanis

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If you have yet to watch Elysium starred by Matt Damon & Jodie Foster – you might wonder what Armadyne is.

Armadyne Corp. is the company that built Elysium as well as providing facilities its citizens. You can view the details of Elysium at Welcome to Elysium.

An interesting invention featured in Elysium Armadyne’s Med-Pod 3000 which can cure diseases from crow’s feet to cancer. In the movie Frey’s daughter who is suffering from cancer – got cured by this machine. In other words, people’s diseases can be cured and brought humanity into perfect health status. Through the advancement in mega structure engineering, synthetic biology & cerebral defense, innovations from Armadyne can guarantee human survival and prosperity.

One more interesting feature that can be seen is – security. With the help of technology behind CCB’s Security Bots and UAVs, now citizens can feel safe from any incoming threats. Enforcing laws and maintaining safety will not let any human officer spare their lives anymore. You can view more details of this idea at Civil Cooperation Bureau. Every citizen of Elysium have their own IDs. These IDs basically is a requirement for a person to live in Elysium and use the facilities including the Med-Pod.

The sad side of the story is how people are being classed into two categories: the very wealthy who live in Elysium and the rest who live on ruined Earth. Thus only a group of people have the chance to taste the sweets of innovation.

This is a great effort from Sony Pictures Digital and it is exciting to see whether this idea can be made reality. Advancements of technology and innovations ideally can help us to create a better place to live. View more details of Armadyne at!

Watch the Elysium official trailer here:

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