10 English Movies That I Should Watch: The Result is Out!

by Nasrul Hanis

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Hi fellas!

The result for “10 English Movies That I Should Watch” is out!

Let’s see the result for the contest.

Before you read the result, please be informed that this is the final result and will not be changed for any reason.

How we judge the movies suggestions?

I closed the contest on 1st July 2009 and the comment section. I then contacted the judges (my friends – all of them are movie geeks), paying for their dinner meals and then gave them the movies suggestions that the participants had sent to us.

To be fair, I’d excluded myself from judging the submissions.

There are 13 participants for this contest. And the winner had been chosen from the participant who lists most movies that had impressed the judges. It took a couple of days (they never watch some of the movies so they have to watch them first) for them to give me the result.

The full mark is 10 and the marks given based on the number of movies that had impressed the judges in the suggestions.

And the result for “10 English Movies that I Should Watch” contest is:

  1. Marzuki – 7
  2. Izzat Aziz – 6
  3. Benjamin Cip – 4
  4. come2winner – 4
  5. Chokilala – 4
  6. Blinnky – 3
  7. Asswass – 3
  8. Seed – 3
  9. Adib – 3
  10. Ashley Chow – 2
  11. Jacob Yap – 2
  12. Saurabh – 2
  13. Ryehana – 1

The winner is Marzuki! Congratulations! These are the movies that had been suggested by him.

10 Twelve Monkeys, 1995
09 Unbreakable, 2000
08 The Others, 2001
07 Saw, 2004
06 Sixth Sense, 1999
05 Fight Club, 1999
04 The Empire Strikes Back, 1980
03 Planet of the Apes, 1968
02 Psycho, 1960
01 The Usual Suspects, 1995

And this is what had been said by one of the judges:

“We found that most movies that had been suggested by Marzuki are full of feelings and emotions. The unsolved mystery and suspense made us sticked to the movies until the end. Other participants suggest good movies too but the number of movies that impressed us couldn’t be higher that the one listed and suggested by Marzuki.”

Congratulations to the winner and thanks for all participants! You rocks!

For Marzuki, I’ll contact you for the prize transaction.

Now I know which English movies that I should watch. Cool!

Wait for the next contest from MonsterBuzz and you might be the winner!

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