How You Can Play Great Games Without an Expensive Console

by Cheryl Anderson

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Have you been looking at reviews for all the new gaming consoles that have come out in the past year and wishing you could afford one? Well, there are lots of alternatives for you to explore if you don’t have the cash. Here are 4 of the best.

Retro Gaming

If you want a games console experience but you can’t afford the high prices of the new PS4 or Xbox One, why not go for a retro console? Retro is very in fashion at the moment, and nowhere is that more true than in the world of gaming. You can pick up a used console very cheaply, and buy games for them online at sites like eBay.

There’s a lot to choose from. You could go for an old handheld console like an original Gameboy. Or you could go for an old console like a Sega Mega Drive or the original Playstation. This is a fun option, so give it a try.


If you have a tablet device or smartphone, you’ve probably discovered the wonderful world of gaming apps. There are so many great ones out there right now, and they’re all either free or very cheap to buy. And some of the greatest advances in the gaming world are being made in gaming apps.

What’s so good about them is the way that they aren’t dominated by the big giants of gaming like the console games are. Any amateur game designer can create a gaming app and upload it to the app store. And if the app is good, it will most likely become a big hit for the designer.

Online Games

The beauty of the internet is that it offers virtually every entertainment opportunity you could ever want. And the same is true of online gaming. Just check out sites like Playberry, they offer more games than you’ll have time to play! And that’s just one website, there are hundreds of others to try as well.

You might think that free online games are a poor substitute for the advanced gaming offered by the consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. And yes, online games can’t rival the big consoles on most levels, but they can be fun. Online games are great for killing time and playing small games that become really addictive.

Play a Friend’s PS4!

Playing on a friend’s new console is one way to play the best and latest games without paying all that money for them. I wouldn’t go as far as becoming friends with someone just because they have a new games console. But if your friend has one, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of it! That’s what friends are for.

This can be a good way to try out the console too. You can play on a friend’s and see if you like it. If you do, you can save up your money for a while and then buy one of your own. It’s like a try before you buy system!

There are loads of options open to you if you can’t afford an expensive console, so give these ideas a try.

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