5 Types Of Online Games To Play When You’ve Got Time To Kill

by Cheryl Anderson

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When you’ve got nothing to do, there’s nothing worse than sitting around waiting for time to pass! As you can imagine, it’s quite boring looking at the clock and waiting for a specific time to arrive. Sure, you could find things to do. But, you’ll no doubt finish those tasks and have nothing to do again!

Let’s face it: most of us often have quiet times at work or in our homes. If you’re a smoker, there’s a temptation to go outside and have several cigarette breaks. If you want something to do that’s less harmful to your health, here’s one suggestion. You could play some online games!

It’s likely you will be sat by a computer with Internet access. You might not think it, but playing some online games is an excellent way to make the time go quicker. Want to know what types of games you could play to relieve your boredom? Check out the following five examples below!

#1 Quiz Games

Do you have excellent general knowledge? If so, you should test your skills by playing some online quiz games! There are plenty of free and premium ones you can play online.

If you’re a Facebook user, did you know there are some you can play within the social network as well? Many Facebook games can get played with friends too! Plus, you can usually save your progress and return to the games later.

#2 Casino Games

Do you enjoy the occasional flutter? Are your roulette skills exceptional? Perhaps you enjoy playing the slots? The great thing about the Web is that Maria Casino and similar sites let you play casino games online!

What’s more, you can use real money to win big prizes! Of course, if you’re broke, there are plenty of ones where you can play with virtual or pretend cash.

#3 Simulation Games

Believe it or not, there is a rise in the amount of simulation games available to play online. You can do anything from build a city to drive a train. Some simulators let you fly planes or even play the part of an animal such a goat!

Many sims are single-player games. What if you’re bored at work? You could pit your skills against your co-workers in multi-player ones!

#4 Puzzle Games

When I’m bored and near a computer, I love playing puzzle games! There are thousands of different types available to play online. For example, you could play a game where you have to escape a maze. Or you might get trapped in a room and have to figure out how to get away.

Puzzle games are a brilliant way to help you stimulate your mind and stop you from falling asleep at your desk!

#5 Music Games

Are you a musical encyclopedia? If so, there’s no doubt you will know the artist and title of most songs ever sung! But, are you up there with the best? The only way to find out is by trying your luck with some music games!

The way they work is simple. You hear a sample from a song and have to guess the correct name. More valid answers mean higher scores!

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