Skyfall: Between Extravagance & Realism

by Nasrul Hanis

in Movies/TV Shows

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The 50th anniversary of the massive-screen Bond was the right time to drag off something massive.

Skyfall is a vastly enjoyable action spectacular however it seems to be additional grounded and cogent than the previous and disappointing Quantum of Solace. It finds the correct position on the spectrum between extravagance and realism due to the the imaginary line running from Bond’s invisible car in Die Another Day.

It also gives the feeling of additional connection to real-world concerns than any previous entry, despite the standard outlandish action scenes, glittering settings and larger-than-life characters.

Daniel Craig’s Bond looks older – his is a Bond who has one thing to prove, and who is fit physically and even mentally. He remains capable of pulling off a very scary drinking trick involving a scorpion even at his lowest point.

As with all Bond movies, we as always need humor to travel with the flow and therefore the flow does not involve a plot in the boringly traditional sense of the word. In recent years, Bond fans have had to tolerate some appalling product placements as Bond’s one look with a sure type of lager here is together with his hand firmly over the brand.

Skyfall represents the new commonplace in one in all cinema’s longest running franchises. It could be a deeply personal, exquisitely shot film that made a lot of viewers mesmerized from the gap scene.

It can be said that Skyfall is one in all the most effective Bonds within the 50-year history of most successful movie series!

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