Greener Bulbs For A Brighter Future

by Nasrul Hanis

in Products

Brighter, cheaper and greener.

That’s how the new-invented bulbs by Philips Lighting is being described.

In the recent industrial round table discussion, both Philips and Palafox appeals to the Philippine government and local private companies to implement solutions called intelligent lighting to encourage urban development and public safety improvements in the country. This is a good news to us – and for the environment.

Using light energy appears for the settlement, this country can reduce power consumption and demand for expensive oil imports, and then to install new power plants and facilities to help reduce the negative effects of climate change. The amount that can be saved can be used for other development projects and infrastructure needs.

Imagine if you have energy saved through light bulb for five hours a day, we can save up to RM20 per year in electricity costs. Try to sum the amount with other things that you have to expense and you will find you can save a significant amount for your budget per year.

Today, most of the energy consumption comes from lighting, but if we continue to use and more efficient technologies, energy consumption can be reduced in large numbers.

This could be the key to the question on how we have to leave this earth for our children and future generation so they can inherit a calm and peaceful environment with fresh air – as we could enjoy now.

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