Creating A Killer Marketing Video For Your Website

by Cheryl Anderson

in Technology

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If you aren’t aware, video marketing is right up there on the list of things to do for your new website. Of course, starting a website isn’t easy with all of the techniques that you have to incorporate. And, this post isn’t going to tell you to forget about one to fit in another.

What it is going to tell you is that a good website uses a range of techniques, including video marketing. Even today most people don’t know much about the art of marketing with video. To fix that, you can take a look at the following.

Get Creative

The best thing about a video is that you can draw the audience in with the use of visuals. It is much harder to do that with reams of text as text is boring. With help from Helivision aerial filming, you can even direct a video from the air. There is nothing like a rolling shot of the skyline to impress and impose yourself on the audience. The key thing to remember is that there are lots of techniques at your disposal. Use a selection of them if you want to get creative.

Show Off Your Personality

The entire point of marketing through a video is that you can show off your personality to your audience. And, that is crucial to your success. One of the main reasons a customer doesn’t go with a particular company is because of trust. If they distrust you, they won’t spend their money. Video marketing negates this all together. Because they can see your face and your character, they are more likely to take your seriously. Make sure you come across as the person you want to portray in your message.

Make It Shareable

Good videos go viral in a matter of minutes. Well, they do if they have the capacity to be shared throughout the community. It is vital that you allow your videos to be shared on various social media platforms. Otherwise, your campaign and your company will never go viral and reach a global audience. A good tip is to make it mobile-friendly. Most people use their mobile to access social media and the internet. For that reason, they won’t share your content if it doesn’t fit their routine.

Add Value

Whether you like it or not, some people will want to turn off your advert. And, why wouldn’t they? After all, there are millions of other videos on the web. With that in mind, make sure you add some value to your video. The value can differ as long as there is some value in the first place. For example, you can make an instructional video on how to fix a particular problem. One freebie will keep them coming back for more, especially if it is good.

Tell A Story

Far too many ads implement features for the novelty aspect. The next time you see an ad, think about whether it has any relevance to the product. In time, the audience will start to realize, and they will vote with their fingers. A video that tells a story is different. It has relevance, and that keeps the audience interested. It also impresses them as it is a hard thing to achieve.

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