4 Things You Should Know About Windows 8

by Neel Kamal

in Products

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Microsoft claims to be reinventing the OS and has announced a plethora of new features that it has to offer. Metro interface, touch screen capability and the new Windows App Store are just a few things that the new Windows 8 OS has to offer (due for release in 2012).

This article will consider the 4 top things that you really need to know about the new OS from Microsoft.

1.It works on Tablets, Laptops and Desktops

The new Windows is a versatile piece of software which will literally work on anything. It is designed to operate with ARM chips which make up the basis of nearly every smart phone in the world. Even the [easyazon-block asin=”B0013FRNKG” align=”none”] runs on a duel ARM chip.

The reality of this is that the new Microsoft offering will work on anything you wish to install it on. It is designed to be touch screen friendly and this has blurred the boundaries of technology. Microsoft are accepting that the desktop no longer dominates and becoming mobile in a way that even Apple have not yet achieved.

The new Metro interface translates that which was successful in the Windows Phone, into an easily accessible system which will find its way to all corners of the world as this new OS spreads.

2.Everything just got faster

Literally everything is faster in the new Windows OS. The boot time has shrunk dramatically and the standard memory usage has been reduced by significant amounts. It can boot in a phenomenal 8 seconds and the Metro interface launches Apps with almost instantaneous effect.

The system also supports USB 3.0 and Hyper-V, the next developments in the increase of technological speed. The result is an OS as fast as the efficiency of Apple’s iOS, which will surprise all users as much as it surprised this author. The new Windows has left its predecessors in the dust.

3.The Windows App Store is here

In an expected (and leaked) move, the new OS includes an App Store which is very similar to the Apple App Store. Despite Apple’s attempts to ‘own’ the term ‘App Store’, Windows have made it very clear that they do not intend to give up any ground to Apple.

The Windows App Store opens numerous opportunities for business and developers to create Metro style apps which can be sold for the biggest OS in the world. Expect a fast increase in availability of apps as they are developed for this far reaching interface.

4.Touch is the future

Purchasing a Windows 8 Download for any form of computer (once it is released) will leave you with absolutely no doubt that touch screen interfaces are the future. Whilst Apple tries to introduce the touch interface, Microsoft has been attempting to perfect it. The new Windows OS offers a challenge to Apple, a development to customers, and a new age of technology to embrace.

This new system clearly states that Microsoft refuses to be left in the desktop age and will fight in every way to regain its position. This latest stage in the Technological Arms Race is one marked with bravery and brilliance.

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