Yes 4G Launched in Malaysia

by Nasrul Hanis

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Recently YTL Comm Malaysia has officially launched 4G mobile internet network in Malaysia which is Yes 4G – an all-in-one solution that combines voice mobile Internet and broadband plan. It is a telecommunication service (TELCO) in Malaysia using the new 4G technology functions, SMS, calls, and data (internet).

In other word, Yes 4G technologies is all in one.

Yes 4G using the number 018 – XXXXXXX and if you register on YES website you can select your own favorite numbers. Yes 4G doesn’t use sim card, but using YES ID for calls and data. YES ID is also used for the mail and 018 numbers.

Address book and contacts are in-sync on your ID YES. Let’s say you log-in on another device using YES ID, you can access all contacts with ease such as Yahoo and MSN Messenger.

In contrast to other Telco, Yes 4G users are not bound to contracts which are burdensome where you only pay for what you use only.

The rates for Yes 4G services can be viewed in the image below.

According to sources, the download and upload speed of Yes 4G are:

  • Download speed: 11Mbps
  • Upload speed: 2Mbps

* Until this article is being written, the official website for Yes 4G, still can’t be accessed due to DoS attacks however you can follow their updates through Yes 4G profile page at Facebook.

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