Tiger Woods Becomes The Hottest Topic at Google and Yahoo!

by Nasrul Hanis

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I checked Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzz Index today and feel a bit amazing to find that Tiger Woods had became the hottest topic for both search engines.

The most possible reason for this situation might caused by the latest news of Tiger Wood, relating to his affairs with his mistresses. I don’t want to say whether the story is true or not but the main point is how amazing an interesting story could be the hottest topic for both search engines. I guess it is the powerful mix of popular celebrity and interesting story that it could amazingly affect the top search in USA.

If you want to see the latest updates for Tiger Woods at Google, u can follow the updates here.

This situation happened since 2-3 days ago if I’m not mistaken, but as the story being forgotten, new hot story will comes and slowly descending the current one.

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