The Arrival of Pervasive Computing

by Nasrul Hanis

in Technology

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Through a sexy splash page, a young woman waving her arms before a TV screen where PrimeSense and hardware maker Asus are inviting consumers to connect with kinetics through Wavi Xtion, a 3D technology that connects cameras, motion sensors, and televisions with personal computers.

It reminds several tech geeks about Microsoft’s Kinect, which is a PrimeSense developed Kinect’s 3D motion-sensing technology – we’re talking about pervasive computing.

Pervasive computing involves the convergence of wireless technologies, advanced electronics and Internet. The goal is to create smart products that communicate everywhere.

The best thing is pervasive computing technology has the potential to save lives by both eliminating the need for humans to work in hostile environments and supporting them when they do. It’s great!

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