Malaysian Company MOL Buys Friendster

by Nasrul Hanis

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Do you still remember Friendster? I believe you do.

Friendster is the original social networking existed and had became a popular social networking way back in 2001. The situation then changed when more users became more attracted to MySpace and Facebook which offer more functions and activities for the online users such as chat and games.

But Friendster is still exists until today and the latest news confirmed that MOL, a Malaysian company buys Friendster for a rumored $100 million.

Some spectators might wonder why would a company buys Friendster for a huge money but in fact, Friendster is a popular choice in Asia compared to MySpace and Facebook which are the popular social networking sites for the Americans. There are more than 75 million registered users and 90 percent of the daily traffic coming from Asia region.

The new Friendster has new layout and appearance and had been improved with new functions and activities for the users. I just logged in my ‘abandoned’ Friendster account just now and somewhat feel amazed to see the improvement. Well, I believe the new Friendster is able to compete with the other networking sites especially Facebook and Myspace and becomes popular again. Who knows?

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