Looking into Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

by Nasrul Hanis

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The drastic reinvention of Sherlock Holmes by the director Guy Ritchie and actor Robert Downey Jr – who plays the celebrated Victorian detective with relentless zest – 1st occurred in 2009, and currently their sleuth is once additional back on the massive screen.

In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Holmes is less meditative than active, keen on flagrantly bad disguises, and his relationship together with his sidekick Dr Watson (Jude Law) is laced with a tiresomely prolonged schoolboy suggestion of homoerotic tension. I confess that I may quite happily go far while not encountering him again.

A crippled veteran, returning to London from Afghanistan and made to measure on a little pension, finds a flatmate who seems to be a drug addict. They become close friends and this other man eventually tells the ex-soldier that Britain is heading for disaster however can emerge “a cleaner, higher, stronger land” and suggests they rush to the bank to cash a cheque before its signatory reneges.

The subject of this highly topical story is, as you’ve got in all probability guessed, Dr John H Watson, narrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. He’s well played by Jude Law in Guy Ritchie’s second Holmes movie as a smart, intelligent, reliable chap, even if he too readily explodes or expostulates when confronted by his flatmate’s outrageous behaviour.

The background mood is right, a complacent, seemingly optimistic Nineties bustling with energy, but with something dangerous rumbling beneath that is a lot of than the tube station being engineered near 221B Baker Street. An enormous conspiracy is being launched by the nice mathematician Professor Moriarty, but solely Holmes can do the maths necessary to understand that each one the bombings and assassinations around Europe are part of the Napoleon of crime’s plan to foment war between France and Germany.

The aim apparently is to form the professor made through his recently established control of armament factories that will eventually fulfil his megalomaniac ambitions. However whereas the intrigue is persuasive and related to many of the issues of fin-de-siècle politics and the melodramatic literature of the period, the nonstop action is terribly abundant of our current cinema. The movie begins with an unlimited explosion in Strasbourg followed by similar pyrotechnics in London, Paris and Germany, which punctuate endless chases, fights on trains and battles that end in a body count that anticipates the globe war Holmes seeks to avert.

The sets and costumes are gorgeously lavish, but perpetually dogged by the figure of Holmes himself, dressed up as a Chinaman, or a lady, or the back of a chair, pursuing the madcap plot sort of a deranged red setter once a disappearing bone.

Sherlock Holmes provides you the sensible wit, critic, novelist, translator and pasticheur Gilbert Adair, who died ten days ago. His postmodern trilogy of parodic detective stories that conclude at a Sherlock Holmes conference in Meiringen, where Adair himself plunges into the Reichenbach Falls together with his own central character.

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