WhatsApp on iOS Moves to Yearly Subscription Fee

by Cheryl Anderson

in Products

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Popular mobile messaging platform WhatsApp creates some changes to its pricing structure as currently the service is free for the primary year and then costs users $1 per year for recurring fee except on iOS where one upfront payment of $0.99 nine is required.

Now iPhone and iPad users will be able to download WhatsApp for free and use it without paying anything for the first year.

From the second year onward, users need to pay an annual subscription amount of $0.99 this system is identical to the one applied by WhatsApp on Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

When asked why the corporate was making the change currently, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum merely said they needed “to keep things simple.”

It’s noted that the new pricing can only apply to new users. This means that those who have already downloaded WhatsApp on iOS can continue using the service for without paying any recurring fees. Existing WhatsApp on iOS users will be excited to hear that since they have already got the app where their subscription to the service will remains free and they will not be required to pay the $1 subscription fee every year.

WhatsApp becomes a popular app on various platforms nowadays due to its convenience and cost-effective than texting, helps you to send messages, photos and emoticons to friends from any supported operating systems – iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

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