US Attack on Marjah Town

by Nasrul Hanis

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I watched A-Jazeera News while enjoying my lunch and I got attracted to the latest news on attack on Marjah town, the last stronghold for Taliban in Afghanistan.

In Marjah, Marines and Afghan troops faced little armed resistance. But their move through the town was challenging as they have to face countless land mines, homemade bombs and booby-traps all over the area. Haji Zair, district governor for Marjah, had stated before this that the Marines will “crush” the Taliban and giving him the opportunity to live in Marja, something that he hasn’t actually been able to do since his appointment in the government.

Within hours US Marines and Afghan troops have crossed a major canal that brought them into the northern entrance to Marjah town, where up to 1,000 Taliban insurgents are expected to be holed up among the population of about 80,000 people. Five Taliban fighters have been killed and eight arrested as the troops seized 11 target locations.

As far as I know, this is the latest campaign since the previous one in 2001. I wonder whether this is the security or political issue and sometimes I wonder why people have to keep fighting each other. Let’s hope for a better world for all of us in the future.

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