Top 5 Free Android Apps You Must Have

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Facebook for Android : We believe that now virtually everybody is using Facebook throughout the world and most of the individuals are almost obsessed with the legend Facebook. Currently Facebook has launched its official Android App for Facebook users. Its undoubtedly the best app to interact together with your friends and family. Similar to Facebook internet interface, here we have a tendency to will use all the options that we tend to use in our Facebook, like friends request, messages, wall, information and standing and etc.

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Astro File Manager: This is the most effective application in android which permits us to download any file which we have a tendency to want from any browser. We have a tendency to can Extract Nada Files, Create and Browse files. You’ll be able to backup all your files to SD Card, Send file attachments Images, Text and conjointly it’s the simplest manner to manage the files on your phone while not the need of a pc. You can additionally use the common applications like Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete and Move. The best half is that you can search your files whenever you would like. As said you can backup your android apps to your SD card and uninstall the app and once more reinstall it when required. You’ll have Thumbnail settings and icon views which you wish.

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Google Voice: This is one of the Major Feature in Android mobiles because it takes management of your device. Google voice is one of the Prime Free Android Apps that has the user with a personal phone variety that permits you to use this number to form calls or to send SMS messages via net. By using this app, you can perform same things in your Android Mobile, which reflects that you’ll create calls and send text messages from your Android Device by using Google Voice Feature. This is one among the most effective Free Android Apps that you must have.

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Angry Birds: The straightforward nevertheless addictive angry birds games has taken the world by storm and is now thought of a global phenomenon. This enjoyable game very is the most effective game on the android market and is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

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Winamp for Android: This may be a final media player for android. The main options of this app are it can be wirelessly connected together with your desktop laptop. Can move iTunes library to android, Playlist support and additionally SHOUT cast radio.

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