Rumor: Google in Attempt to Acquire Whatsapp for Almost $1 Billion

by Cheryl Anderson

in Services

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As today there are various competitions in smartphone applications, a new rumor attracts our attention where Google is currently in preliminary discussions to acquire WhatsApp for almost $1 billion.

WhatsApp has quickly become a dominant mobile messaging service and it processed over 18 billion messages on New Year’s Eve alone. The Santa Clara based company has been terribly secretive concerning its user base and usage patterns and only revealing some usage stats on achieving key milestones.

Regarding on this issue, the company said it will not touch upon rumors and speculations.

This is not the first time this kind of rumor has been spread as it is said that Facebook interested get such services a few weeks earlier. (Read how Facebook can help in growing your small business)

Although nowadays there are lot of options for mesaging services such as Wechat, WhatsApp can be regarded as a standard application and currently used by most users with smarthphones throughout the planet which directly give serious impact to the use of SMS and MMS.

Google desperately needs to get its mobile messaging strategy right particularly with Facebook returning into the picture with its Messenger service and cracking deals with carriers to offer free Messenger access to their subscribers. In fact, Messenger is one in every of the key pillars of Facebook Home which was announced last week and will be accessible to Android users later this week. Whatsapp has similar offers in place too.

Microsoft is positioning Skype to be the platform for communication across their devices and services, Apple has iMessage, and Google has Google Talk however it looks like that they can do more and extending their services with Whatsapp.

As it is just a rumor, we can just wait and see the development on this updates and let’s hope that it can result in more positive deals & offers for the users if it is true.

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