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Trulia‘s Android app has been designed for house searching on the go and is perfect for patrons, sellers, and renters. To begin, hit the Menu button and choose whether or not you’d like to work out homes for sale, for rent, or comparable listings that have already sold. Further options for locating precisely what you want embody worth vary, the number of beds & baths, sq. footage, property type, and others. Click ‘Apply’ to update the present viewable map space together with your specifications.

Clicking on a bubble marker opens a preview of the property which displays the value, recent worth changes, the address, and a photo (and the details specified above). This intermediary preview is the proper bridge between the map display and the total listing details that can be accessed by merely clicking the preview. This enables you to quickly browse the essential information of a location while not having to change through multiple windows.

The total listing page options all property photos and a button to open the street read. The road view could be a nice approach to test out the neighborhood since pictures of simply the house don’t continually tell the full story. Another valuable info tidbit is that the assessed property taxes for the previous year, since paying these may be a huge burden in most cases. If you’ve found a place you’d like to determine nose to nose, the contact info of the real estate agent is additionally included on the complete listing page!

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