Perfect Nap Mat for Kids

by Nasrul Hanis

in Products


Are your children sleeping well tonight?

Sleeping time is important for your children thus you need to find good and comfortable nap mats for them.

There are a lot of nap mats on sale everyday but it’s not so easy to find a nice one. You need a good, comfortable and easy-to-handle nap mat.

How about personalized nap mat from Oh Mint?


Oh Mint personalized nap mats are perfect for young children and toddlers. They are made from nylon and cotton together with soft and comfortable blanket. You will get a removable foam pillow and soft blanket together with a nap mat.

These nap mats are easy to handled and very sturdy. If you want to clean the nap mat, simply remove the kid and pillow, and then toss the rest in the washing machine.

The best thing is you can personalize the nap mat that you want to order. You can choose whether to personalize it on the outside pocket or on the bottom corner of the blanket.

Now you can provide your children with a comfortable sleeping time with a unique and cool personalized nap mat. The next thing is to provide nice accessories for your children so you might want to see awesome collection of kids backpacks and toddler backpacks for them!

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