Paul the Octopus Chooses Spain for World Cup Final

by Nasrul Hanis

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Some football fans might never know about Paul the Octopus, but he seems to get his own fans. He previously predicted the winners of all World Cup matches which involved Germany so this is the first time he made the choice between two non-German teams. Normally Paul only predicts Germany matches however it is an exception for the World Cup final.

Paul assisted by the aquarium staff to make his prediction using two boxes with the teams’ flags and recently he opts Spain to be the winner of the World Cup.

Paul’s prediction correctly happened as he predicted Germany to beat both England and Argentina.

However his prediction seems not to be always right as he predicted Germany instead of Spain in the semi-final but different results happened. In other prediction, Paul predicted Germany to win over Uruguay in the match for 3rd and 4th place.

Do his prediction become real this time? We wait and see.

See Paul predicts Spain to win the World Cup final match in the video below.

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