Post image for WhatsApp on iOS Moves to Yearly Subscription Fee

Popular mobile messaging platform WhatsApp creates some changes to its pricing structure as currently the service is free for the primary year and then costs users $1 per year for recurring fee except on iOS where one upfront payment of $0.99 nine is required.

Post image for Grand Theft Auto 5: New, Realistic & Interactive

The most anticipated game of the year – Rockstar Games’ September-set new sandbox for Xbox 360 and PS3 is the most well liked game for this moment.

Post image for Iron Man 3: Enemy Has No Bounds

Iron Man 3 marks the jumping off for Marvel studios new phase of post-Avengers films.

Post image for Carpeting in Gretna

If you are one of the homeowners all over the world especially in Gretna, Los Angeles – you might still keep looking on how to ensure that carpeting in your home suits your desire and need.

Post image for Rumor: Google in Attempt to Acquire Whatsapp for Almost $1 Billion

As today there are various competitions in smartphone applications, a new rumor attracts our attention where Google is currently in preliminary discussions to acquire WhatsApp for almost $1 billion.