I have a big problem! I want to watch English movies but which one should I watch? So I decide to make an easy contest for all of you. I’ll give 10USD to any of you who suggest most interesting movies for me! Read more for the details of this contest.

Reading an article or blog post sometimes boring especially if it’s a long article or post. Your readers might feel boring and then close your blog without reading anymore. But now you can change the situation. You can let you readers to read, to hear to your article or both! How? Let you blog talks […]

Since the format war over high-definition optical discs had ended in February 2008, HD format seems to be dead. But people all over the world still have HD players but there’s no movie to play with. Do you still have your HD DVD player? Come on, don’t waste them.

Driving at night sometimes can be dangerous especially if you don’t get enough vision. Most accident happened because the drivers can’t predict and see the thing in front of them while driving. But don’t worry because there’s a solution for this problem. Now you can improve your vision while driving at night. Introducing Philips HID […]

It’s such a hard time if your PC got problems but you don’t know about it. Maybe you need a scanning software for your PC to find out why.