I was really shocked a few days ago when I can’t get access to some of my sites. Is it true that my site is really down. I contacted the hosting company but they said it’s OK. Then I asked some of my friends to check the sites that can’t accessed by me but they […]

We are currently near to end of year 2009 and currently some of us have to deal with snow all over their place. Yeah, snowing season is a great time where you can enjoy yourselves playing snow and making the snow man but sometimes it is horrible when you have to deal with a lot […]

RIP Brittany Murphy

by Nasrul Hanis

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I might be late to write about this but as we lost someone special in the end of this year 2009, I feel that all I can do is writing about this sad news. Brittany Murphy had left us. And that’s a fact, after some voices said it just a rumor following the previous rumors […]

WordPress 2.9 is now available! I heard about this news before but this time there is no alert telling to upgrade the WordPress version. I guess this version is not emphasize of safety features so there is no prompt to upgrade to newer version like before. This is a major update after the version 2.8 […]

US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been named as TIME’s Person of the Year 2009. He had been chosen for his monumental influence on the world’s most important economy. Bernanke is a 56-years-old chairman of the US Federal Reserve, the one that controlling the money supply. As September 2008 became the month when the […]