Let your blog talks with Odiogo

by Nasrul Hanis

in Services


Reading an article or blog post sometimes boring especially if it’s a long article or post. Your readers might feel boring and then close your blog without reading anymore.

But now you can change the situation. You can let you readers to read, to hear to your article or both! How? Let you blog talks with Odiogo!

Odiogo is a text-to-speech program that will transform your blog posts or articles into near human quality audio files. The files are then ready to be download and play anytime and anywhere on any device.

How to let your blog talks with Odiogo?

The steps are easy and simple. Notice the text “Blogger: Sign up for Odiogo and get your blog on the iPod for free!” at the top of the main page and insert your blog or your feed URL and your e-mail then click the button “Go!”.

An instruction page will be displayed with the Feed ID.  An instruction email will also be emailed to you. You need to download a plugin from Odiogo and then just follow the instruction given.

After you done the steps, you will notice a button “listen now” at every post in your blog. Try to hear your post being read by clicking at the “listen now” button. Now your blog talks!

Now your readers can listen to your post without reading it. Cool, right? Besides that, a subscription page exclusively for your feed that had been transformed into voice will be provided by Odiogo for you. Make sure you use right English spelling so the reader can read your post smoothly. Avoid some special symbols such as “-” because the reader will read some special symbols.

Now your blog talks! Voice your content with Odiogo now!

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