iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy S3

by Nasrul Hanis

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Android is the most well-liked smartphone platform on the earth, Samsung is the foremost common Android manufacturer, and also the Galaxy S3 is sort of certainly going to be the foremost standard Android phone this year. And well.. the iPhone 5 is going to be one of the foremost popular smartphone too!

So that means anyone trying to buy a replacement phone for the subsequent year will likely finish up attempting to make a decision between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple’s iPhone 5. A good thing to be said is – each are phenomenal devices. The not so good news is, the things that produces the choice especially robust. Let’s see some of the comparisons between these two products.

1. Design

Crafting a lovely, pocketable, durable phone isn’t simple, and Apple still is aware of how to do it higher than anyone. Apple has improved the scratch and shatter resistance of its glass, and used additional aluminum within the frame, creating the iPhone five a lot of a lot of durable than its predecessors and Samsung’s poly-carbonate (a durable sort of plastic) Galaxy S3. The iPhone 5 is also suspiciously light-weight for the materials it uses, weighing solely 112 grams, less than the S3’s 133 gram weight.

Winner: iPhone 5

2. Feel

Though it’s tough to argue that Apple’s phone is constructed higher than Samsung’s, when it involves comfort, the Galaxy S3 puts up a strong fight. Despite being significantly wider and longer than the iPhone 5, the S3 is a lot of comfy to carry and use because of its button placement. By inserting the ability and volume buttons on the edges toward the center of the phone, users will more naturally press both buttons, interact with the screen, and reach the Home, Back, and Menu buttons on the device.

Winner: Galaxy S3

3. Screen quality & User interface

To counter Apple, Samsung has gone with AMOLED, a variation on OLED technology. Though we have a tendency to very love AMOLED’s strengths, those of you with the sharpest eyes may like the iPhone five. According to in-depth tests performed by DisplayMate, it’s better calibrated and gets brighter. Visually, it’s arduous to argue against Apple. iOS is straightforward, easy to use, and filled with fun animations. No different bit operating system is therefore pleasant and enthralling (at least, at initial) to find out and operate.

Winner: iPhone 5

4. Battery life

The Galaxy S3 seems to get around 9 to 11 hours of speak time and Apple claims the iPhone 5 will get around 8 hours.

Winner: Galaxy S3

These phones are practically an even match. Figure out which classes are most vital to you and do your own math. Create your own decision, GOOD LUCK! – Get your Samsung Galaxy S III / S3 Unlocked GSM Smart Phone (Marble White) now!

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