How To Check If Your Site Is Really Down

by Nasrul Hanis

in Services

I was really shocked a few days ago when I can’t get access to some of my sites. Is it true that my site is really down. I contacted the hosting company but they said it’s OK. Then I asked some of my friends to check the sites that can’t accessed by me but they say it’s OK.

OMG. Thanks God it’s just me.

Have you ever face this situation? You can’t access to your site and you think it’s down but actually they’re not. You might being displayed with ‘Server not Found’ or ‘The connection had timed out’ (if you’re using Firefox). The problem might happen because of your proxy, internet connection or etc. The others can still get access and view your site. So how do you want to know if your site is really down?

The solution is by using and it’s free!

From my first impression, it’s really simple but at the same time very helpful. I got the same problem the next day and when I checked through this site, it told me that my sites were really down. So I contacted the hosting provider again and yes – my sites were really down because of hosting maintenance. So I guess this site really works although you might got error but as it’s normally accurate, you can trust on the result from this site.

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