Happy New Year 2010!

by Nasrul Hanis

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Goodbye 2009 and now it’s 2010!

There were a lot of sweet memories and memorable events in the previous years and full of emotions – happy, sad, happening and etc. We might forgot some of them but the thing that we have to accept it the time is already gone and never coming back but the feeling of the memories will be forever in our heart and mind.

Not to forget the people who left us such as Michael Jackson and Brittany Murphy. May them rest in peace.

Some people might saying about new determination and spirit for the new year as new year brings special meanings and motivations for some people. The others might think that is a normal matter as it happens every 365/366 days. Whatever it is, we all hope that this new year will bring us a lot of improvement and betterment in our life.

Goodbye 2009 and hopefully it will become a beneficial memory and lesson for us. Welcome 2010 and hope it will bring us a nice and positive move.

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