Google TV? Cool!

by Nasrul Hanis

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Google is reported to be working to bring Web software to televisions through a partnership with Intel, Sony and Logitech International, according to two people which their name is still not to be mentioned (as far as I searched)

Google TV is an ambitious platform to deliver web content to Android-based set-top boxes and TVs through partnerships with Sony, Intel, and Logitech. It will integrate web content onto TVs, bringing services like Twitter and sites like YouTube, in addition to games, web applications and Google’s search, to the big screen. Plus, it will be much more easier for TV users to navigate Web applications, like Twitter and Picasa.

I believe that this recent project of Google which expanding beyond its main Internet-search business would challenge Microsoft and Yahoo! in their fields.

If this is real, I would like to say Google TV is cool!

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