Girly Reasons Why MacBooks are Perfect for Girls

by Neel Kamal

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Apple lovers always talk about all the benefits of MacBook compared to a traditional laptop, and once you try a MacBook you will never go back to PC’s – trust me! Aren’t you sick of computer repairs? I’ve been using Mac for about 2 years, and I can totally say that is a life experience, your quality of life improves in ways you can’t even imagine. Your Mac will become your best friend ever.

Let’s face it, just about everything you have ever read about Macs, was written by guys, and even worse, they are completely boring nerds – obsessed with computer support, network support and laptop repairs. Other user reviews are still written by men, and most of them are Mac users because they are looking for better performance with their careers, such as, musicians and designers. None of them have any understanding of what us girls need. As a woman, I am going to tell you girls why you should try the Apple experience. I can’t possibly put every girl type in this article, but here are a few examples, all of us girls can identify with.

  • Eco-Friendly Girl. Unless you live in an Amish community, or in the jungle, you will definitely need a computer. Being an eco-friendly girl, you care about the environment and the plane, in every part of your life. Apple products have the most efficient battery, and the lowest power consumption. They also are completely free of a lot of harmful toxins, like brominates flame-retardants, polyvinyl chlorides, arsenic and mercury. This means they are more than just safe for the environment, they are also safer for you, and the health of others around you. Apple Macbooks are mostly made from recycled materials, and designed to be recycled in mind. In the USA, they will even recycle your old one for you. How great is that?
  • Fashionable Hot Girl. Being a hot chick without a Macbook, you ain’t that hot. Is the most desirable tech accessory. It is the Louis Vinton or the Christian Lobefin of computers. Mac will add another fashion element to your lifestyle. You will look even cooler, sexier and smarter than you already are! Every other girl will be jealous, and get more upset as you open it up just to flirt on Face book. Imagine if you go into your office or a coffee shop, you will be the star of the room. It’s the perfect complement for your outfit and your style.
  • Smart Professional Girl. Being a professional in any kind of career, I am sure you already know that MacBooks are the best choice for you; led screen, speedy performance, advanced graphics, cool applications, no viruses, hi-tech everything, best software, cool design, and more. Your work life will be easier and a whole lot more fun. You will enjoy working more than ever — not to mention getting better results. Having a MacBook will give you credibility and respect in your workplace environment.
  • Nerdy Girl. If you are starting or finishing your studies, is the perfect time to get used to Mac skills. You will know how faster and enjoyable your homework will become. On top of that, you will be the coolest girl of the classroom – even if you are a nerd. Cool nerd girls are getting more attention than every. You can kick-ass on Wow (World of War craft) and Run escape. Tune-up your social skills on social media, and forget people you can’t be bothered with, because you have everything you need — your MacBook. The Photo Booth application has auto-editing, and video recording features (very useful for your favorite classes).

Once go Mac, you never go back. What are you waiting for? The worst-case scenario is your might need Apple repairs, and you will look good at the same time. Try one, and let me know.

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