Gadgets You Can Live Without, But Still Cannot Resist!

by Cheryl Anderson

in Technology

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New technology seems to hit the market every other week. The giants of technology are always releasing products to try and compete with another and turn loyal customers. While the products are nice to look at, they are usually a novelty that you don’t need. With that being said, why can’t you resist one when you see them? It is like they are made to make you forget about reason and buy them on the spot! Instead of resisting their powers, just accept them and let them into your life. Here are a few of the most irresistible gadgets that you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying.

Location Finder

On the face of it, a location finder seems like a practical tool. But, ask yourself, how often do you get lost? Okay, when you do get lost it could come in handy. However, for the most part, you know where you are where you are going, so they are irrelevant. Plus, location finders work off a GPS signal, so if you have no signal, you won’t be able to find your way back to civilisation in the first place. Still, the next time you buy an iPhone it will be one of the first things you activate. There is something eternally enjoyable about tracking your location on your phone.


Let’s face it; you could just walk. Seg boards are not road legal, so it isn’t like you can drive long distances. However, the novelty of a seg board never seems to wear off, no matter how long you have one. Apart from being a whole lot of fun, you can do tricks and spins on one, they are also practical. Yes, you can just walk if you have one, so not having a seg board is not going to ruin your life. But, you will get from one place to another much quicker than normal. One single charge can last for up to ten miles, and they can reach top speeds of ten miles an hour.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have become a major part of society as there is hardly a person who doesn’t have a mobile. That being said, how much do you need it, and how much do you need it out of necessity? The original mobile phone was made for emergencies, yet most people don’t even use theirs to make phone calls, never mind emergency ones. Still, the thought of going out in public without your phone gives some people the chills. In all fairness, it is a great way to keep in touch with the people you love, even if it has now become a compulsion!

Music Player

The next time you are walking into town, take a look at how many people have earphones stuck in their ears. It seems like there are as many people with portable music players as there are mobile phones, which is a lot of people! Why? People like to listen to music in public because it is a great way to shift focus. When you are travelling on your own, you get bored and easily uninterested. Music allows you to pass the time. Are they necessary? Probably not, but it makes life on the bus miles easier!

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