Facebook To Add Music Services

by Nasrul Hanis

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Facebook Inc. is making ready for new changes designed to create the site as a hub for being attentive to music, watching movies and playing video games, in line with individuals acquainted with the matter in more identical approach which has been already use by the social network to share personal media like photos and videos.

Facebook has told media executives in recent days that it can begin letting on-line music services like Spotify AB and Rdio Inc. publish user activity on Facebook pages where a lot of actions like adding friends or “liking” websites can be done. This move is an effort at Facebook to improve the invention of all varieties of media content over the Internet.

The Facebook initiative is designed to integrate the social media network closer with services that allow users stream free music or a limitless quantity of music for a monthly fee. In the same time Google Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. recently started “cloud” music services that let users upload their personal music collections to remote servers and listen to them remotely while Apple Inc. is preparing to start the same service.

Music services might create a player that may sit inside Facebook which let users to hear music while not leaving the browser. However the music itself would still be delivered through the third-party service that users would be required to log in to before listening.

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Infrared Heaters September 14, 2011 at 1:45 am

It seems like both Google and Facebook are each convinced that, in order to beat the other, they have to be everything to their users: email, chat, photo sharing, search, and now music. Is it possible they are both getting fingers in too many pies, so to speak? Rather than trying to provide every service that every user wants, perhaps the big software companies should focus on integrating services provided by others. 3rd party add-ons were the secret to Firefox’s success, and what would the iPhone be without apps? Just a thought…


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