Essential Characteristics of a Professional Website

by Nasrul Hanis

in Technology

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Web presence is a must for any business owner wishing to achieve success. Even storefront business owners these days must have a website for potential customers to browse through before they decide to give their patronage. To entice customers to give your company their business, you must provide them with a professional website. Nearly all potential customers review and research businesses prior to visiting so business owners must make an impression with their website. Characteristics common to a well-designed, professional website include:

Professional Design

A poorly design website will almost always deter customers from staying on your page. In fact, it is more likely to send them running to your competitor. Never skimp on web design when you are hoping to convey the image of a professional website. Don’t buy a cheap template or download a free one that every start-up has. Actually pay the money to hire a professional web designer. Not only will the design they provide be able to captivate your target market’s attention, but it will also provide the clean lines and easy functionality that will demonstrate your company’s financial viability.


A professional website should always be a secure website. Although a secure website will always have “https” in the address bar, most site visitors don’t look at the address bar to determine security. To make sure that users feel safe when they are visiting your site, always place a symbol in a highly visible place that indicates the security of your site.

Varying Uses of Media

A professional website will never be full of just text. Professionals are always ahead of the game – on the cusps of the latest trends, and their websites should convey this as well. Not only should a company’s website have a link to their Facebook or Twitter pages, but it should also incorporate video. Video is one of the best up and coming ways to convey professionalism to clients. Through videos, your company can give tutorials or show commercials which may further engage customers. Online videos can also be easy managed though streaming video hosting which can allow them to be easily viewed on your website and other sites such as YouTube.

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed professional website. Business owners only have a few seconds to captivate potential client’s interest, and if their website doesn’t convey the message of absolute professionalism, those visitors will be quick to hit the “back” button. Invest in creating a professional website, as it will be one of the best investments you can make for your business as it will draw more clients and therefore create more revenue.

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