Download Facebook Videos Easily

by Nasrul Hanis

in Services

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Nowadays we can a lot of awesome videos uploaded in Facebook from time to time. However sometimes we want to download it so we can play it smoothly or save it as our collection. For example, many anime series (which are my favorites) are uploaded to Facebook so I want to save them in my hard drive so I watch them again later. But Facebook doesn’t provide any download link, so how?

Sincerely I never think that it’s possible to download videos from Facebook until I found this amazing add-on forĀ  Firefox called Facebook Video. This add-on also lets users convert Facebook videos and embed videos outside of Facebook. Interesting, right?

The installation is very easy. Just install Facebook Video as usual add-on. Click here to install it. (you need Mozilla Firefox, of course) And then you will find there are extra links being displayed at the menu for any video in Facebook. Just choose whether you want to download, convert or embed the particular videos.


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