Don’t Forget Your Laundry Bag

by Nasrul Hanis

in Products


Are you using laundry service for your garments?

How do you bring your garments to the laundry service?

I guess some of us use normal plastic bag or paper bag for the garments. Because I was the one who using them! It’s not cool, right?

Searching for a cool laundry bag? Read more!

Bringing garments to the laundry service next to the college is my weekly activities. However, bringing stuffs with a plastic bag is not really cool. So I thought of searching a cool one. And I found this. Take a look.


The most interesting feature is this laundry bag has a strap shoulder. This is better than holding a bag of garments. Besides, it looks cool! In addition, this is not the only design that the company got. There are a lot of choice for the laundry bag’s design. Awesome!

Well, maybe you also get interest in getting awesome towel wraps and nap mat, don’t hesitate to get a cool one!

I still remember what my buddy said – “Don’t let the trend kills you. But choose the one that fit you best.

Well, I’m getting a new laundry bag. How about you?

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