The Best Android Apps for Web Designers Today

by Norris Lemuel Lasay

in Products

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There is a lot of high end progress when it comes to the area of technology nowadays. Perhaps the most amazing advancements that have been seen in the web services field are those for mobile phones.

The market for smart phones has changed into a very competitive arena wherein these types of phones were considered a luxury just a few years ago.

The apps provided by Apple have been popular for users but Android will not be left behind. As time went on, it started introducing applications that were specifically designed for web design professionals. Below are some of the best apps that web designers should have with their smart phones today.


The application will be an amazing tool for web designers that require access to their web server from time to time, but are not able to use a laptop or desktop computer all the time. AndFTP is a Java-powered app that is free and will give users access to their web server even through their Android smart phones. They can easily view, update and upload files from their device wherever they are. This app will prove to be useful for professionals that are required to do so urgent task and only have their mobile phone with them.

CSS Cheat Sheet

Are you looking to polish your skills on CSS? Well then this app is for you. CSS Cheat Sheet provides users with an Android phone a thorough rundown of all properties related to CSS. Additionally, users will be able to use this app to revise their knowledge on the various aspects of CSS that they may not be aware of yet. Although the app is not free, it is going to be a worthy investment if you want to excel as a web design professional today.


This app is freely available and easy to use when it comes to editing source codes such as HTML, PHP and CSS. Users can save and work on their tasks at any time that will be suitable for them. Combining AndFTP (mentioned above) and SilverEdit, users can already create and sell the websites that they make through their smart phones. There may be some functionality issues related to the app, but is being addressed as time goes by and the glitches are being fixed already.


Although not as rich in features compared to the desktop version, Adobe Photoshop for Android will still provide users with the basic functionalities with regards to the image processing tasks. People can crop, rotate, filter and make adjustments with the levels of saturations for images that they choose. Users may also choose to share their works directly from as well.

View Web Source

This Android app will allow users to acquire the source code of a website and download it through a text editor. View Web Source will then provide users with the ability to make their desired changes with the post comments, code and let them save the updated file through their phone. It is also possible to have it sent to email as well.

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