Ben Bernanke is TIME’s Person of the Year 2009

by Nasrul Hanis

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bernanketimeperson2009US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has been named as TIME’s Person of the Year 2009. He had been chosen for his monumental influence on the world’s most important economy.

Bernanke is a 56-years-old chairman of the US Federal Reserve, the one that controlling the money supply. As September 2008 became the month when the entire US system almost collapsed, Bernanke played important role in making decisions resulted in the improvement that we can see today. He is also considered as an expert of the Great Depression.

Speaking to TIME, Bernanke said that although the US banks had been stabilized, lending remained to weak to support a healthy recovery. He also added that the unemployment remains very high that is almost 10 percent.

In the other hand, TIME Managing Editor Richard Stengel recognized the Federal Reserve as ‘ the most powerful, least understood government force shaping our lives’ as he revealed the choice for this year.

Last year’s choice was President Barack Obama while in 2007 was the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

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