Apple Maps Might Lead Drivers Astray – Police in Mildura

by Cheryl Anderson

in Services

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Police in Mildura have warned that using Apple’s iOS 6 Maps might lead drivers astray and leave them stranded far away from their destination point shown by the application as they refer to the recent cases where several motorists have had to be rescued by police from the park with no water and the temperature at 46 degrees Celsius.

One man was stranded for 24-hours in the place which is 44 miles (70km) from the particular city.

More than two months after Apple’s CEO apologized for errors in its Maps, Australian police stated that the app is “potentially life threatening” as a result of of the bad directions that it showed to the southern city.

Earlier this year, Apple dropped Google Maps from its mobile operating systems in favor of its own mapping application, that was quickly and widely criticized for bad directions, misplaced landmarks and missing cities.

Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for the mapping service in September and promised to improve it. Apple Maps that replaced the Google Maps app on Apple mobile devices when the it released its iOS 6 platform in September, has been widely panned by critics and users alike.


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