American Idol – Orlando Auditions

by Nasrul Hanis

in Movies/TV Shows

We are now in the halfway of the early audition rounds of American Idol and I am sure we’re having both good and bad time watching the contestants. A lot of comments and critics might going out of our mouths but for sure the contestants are the one who determine if they are the one to be the next American Idol.

American Idol also welcomed another guest judge that is Kristin Chenoweth. As she is the one that can really sing, hopefully we can watch interesting critics and points of view from her. And she had nice comments for the contestants.

There are a lot of interesting contestants with interesting stories such as Jermaine Purifoy and Brittany Starr James. Some of them are interesting to watch and sometimes we can enjoy the funny comments from the judges. Looking forward to enjoy watching the Orlando Auditions of American Idol!

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