African Cup is On The Way

by Nasrul Hanis

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I love to watch football match no matter which football team play in the match as I love to watch tactical move and strategies during the football game especially for big competition and events where superb players and teams are making their moves on the field.

The current event is 2010 Africa Cup of Nations where 16 qualified teams will showing their best to win the cup. This year’s event will be held in Angola. The first match is between Angola and Mali. I might miss this match due to some tasks. Actually I’m waiting to watch Adebayor but I feel disappointed to know that Togo football team had withdrawn from the event due to the a machine gun attack on the their team bus on Friday. Some people did wrong things and we lost the chance to see a good team playing in the game.

By the way, I hope that the other participating teams will show their best skills so it’s worth to watch the games.

p.s: I wonder why there is such people having desire in attacking a football team bus. What a world.

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