3 Industries That Have Grown During The Digital Revolution

by Cheryl Anderson

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The digital revolution has improved our lives in countless ways. However, it’s also helped to spur improvements in the business world too. We’re going to take a look at three industries that have changed beyond all recognition thanks to the internet today. Hopefully, the information on this page will help to set the record straight and highlight just how amazing the latest tech has become. All of the industries mentioned on this page would collapse if a disaster occurred within the digital world. They also stand to grow even more as technology progresses in the future.

Gambling / Casinos

Before we had the Internet, people who wanted to gamble would have to visit bookmakers or casinos. Thankfully, that has now changed, and those who enjoy a flutter can risk their money online. Poker and slots games are still the most popular choice among enthusiasts. The only difference is they can now partake at a time that suits them. Also, technology has helped to ensure all games are random and fair. Players can receive huge introductory bonuses that help gambling websites to increase their revenue. Once someone signs up to one of those sites, they tend to spend a lot of money.


The communications industry has progressed immensely during the last few years. That’s thanks to improved internet speeds and reliable connections. The company that owns Skype, for instance, has posted millions of dollars worth of profits recently. There are now more ways than ever before to keep in touch with people online. Social networks have become a staple in the modern world, and they help individuals to save a lot of money. Companies operating within the communications industry are going from strength to strength. That is due to an increased need to interact without spending money. Most of the revenue now comes from advertising.


Ten years ago, most marketing firms focused their efforts on TV and radio ads for their clients. They now see the benefit of online promotion, and so the industry has transformed. Agencies now spend a lot of money on creative content designed to promote their clients. They also invest heavily in video marketing solutions that are uploaded to streaming websites. YouTube has become a godsend for people working in that industry. They can now advertise their clients to a massive audience without breaking the bank. That leaves more profit available for growth, etc.

It should be clear that the digital revolution has impacted our lives in many ways. We now find it easier to communicate with the people we care about, and to reach our target markets. The gambling industry is also moving forward at a staggering rate. There is already talk of implementing virtual reality technology in 2016. Companies hope it will improve the digital casino experience. Are we moving towards a world controlled by machines and computers? Very probably. Is that such a bad thing? Only you can decide.

The only thing we know for certain is that our increased reliance on technology is helping business owners to cash-in around the globe. Maybe it’s time you got in on the action?

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